Jump Start Custom Solution Development

Not every solution your organization requires is available out-of-the-box from R3.  If you are looking to purchase or develop a new solution to manage work, think of evaluating R3 Jump Starts as a new option.

We work with our customers to design and create custom solutions in cases where the business problem is a good fit for a solution based upon our existing solution frameworks and the CorasWorks on SharePoint open application platform. We do not do custom SharePoint development, do custom compiled code development or do custom solutions from the ground up.

Therefore, if we think it may fit, we engage in a Jump Start process.  The process is different from classic development because it follows a new methodology for working on a no-code open application platform.  Here is how it works:

  • Base Solution: We start with our base solution catalog.  We maintain a portfolio of “generic” Jump Start solutions that we reuse as the base for our solution products.  This portfolio is available for use as a base framework for custom solutions.
  • Requirements Matching: We then engage with you to understand your requirements and determine if your business problem is a good candidate to be solved by a Jump Start solution that leverages our Open Application Platform.
  • Prototype: We will typically create a working prototype of the solution that frames the solution, including your initial data architecture and that runs within your environment.  We use this to get everyone on the same page and flesh out the business requirements.
  • Build It Out: We then engage with you for joint development of the solution.  Our role in the engagement depends on the skills that you have gained from other solutions.
  • Design and Configuration Documentation: All R3 custom solutions are built on a platform.  The key is to document the design and configuration of the solution so that it can be supported by you after the project is completed.

Customers are driven to engage with R3 for Jump Starts because they find that many third party solutions they are looking at are too costly and often overbuilt and that custom development is too costly, too risky, and takes too long.  Because of the approach, an R3 Jump Start project is takes half the time and half the cost of a custom development project.  This is achieved because:

  • more than half of the work is already done before we begin – based upon our solution frameworks and our platform
  • the requirements to meet initial business needs are much easier to gather and document and typically less than initially projects
  • you are empowered to do additional work on your own so you don’t have to get all requirements in the first phase
  • and, you are invited to actually work with us in joint development in a live environment, with constant business user access, which is a key benefit of using an open application platform in the first place.