R3 Cloud (our SaaS offering)


All R3 solutions run on top of and within a Microsoft SharePoint environment. We support three deployment options for R3 software. They are:

  • R3 Cloud (our SaaS offering)
  • Private Cloud (such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure)
  • On Premise (run it in your environment)

With the R3 Cloud, we make it easy for you to get started with R3 solutions and accelerate the value that they bring to your business.

Your R3 solutions will be available online through this fully managed service. We run the R3 Cloud on a robust Amazon Web Services world class environment. You get your own secure workplace instance where you can run your R3 solutions and have them your way. It is easy to get going, convenient to use, supports your special way of working and is very cost-effective.

We keep your costs down by leveraging infrastructure, platform software, and operating services. You benefit from these shared elements of the service.

However, every customer has their own unique workplace instance. Each customer has their own unique database holding all documents, data, and configuration. Your information is not combined with other customers. Also, your solutions and their configuration are separately managed. This allows you to choose your R3 solutions, extensions and enhancements. And, you can have your own configuration and customizations.

Here is what you get in your R3 Cloud Workplace:

  • A 24/7 accessible online system from anywhere.
  • Fully managed environment running R3 solutions on Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Managed patches, administration and backups.
  • Wizard driven, no code configuration.
  • Controlled users, authentication and security.
  • Your unique separate database of your information.
  • A Workplace of your own:
    • Your control your workplace application environment.
    • R3 GovCon solutions of your choosing.
    • Your own configuration and customizations.
    • Extensions and enhancements of your choosing such as custom Dashboards.
    • Control over when and what gets upgraded.