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Defense Contractor Drives Win Rate through Integrated Capture & Proposal Process

(Published 1/16/2018, updated 1/17/2020). This 200+ person Defense Contractor had a history as a reseller of advanced computer and communications equipment. Over the last few years they worked to develop their solution business. Using R3 WinCenter they have created an integrated capture and proposal management system to support their GovCon business development process. This system […]

Take Contract Management to Next Level

Federal Defense Contractor Uses R3 to Reduce Contract Risk

Contracts are the core of every Federal Government Contractor. Yet, the majority of Federal Contractors have not implemented any type of a formal contract management system to track, manage, and monitor their contracts. Many have moved to electronic storage of their contracts, but still rely on file shares, email, spreadsheets, other assorted systems, and manual […]

Instant DCAA Contract Brief Now Available

I was doing a routine Health Check recently with a customer that is using the R3 Contract Management system. They do a lot of cost-based contracts that requires them to engage with DCAA and submit reports. I found out that we had created a customized DCAA-oriented Contract Brief for them. This simple report was their […]