Open Application Platform Approach of R3


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There is a new and better way to build and deploy applications and R3 has brought it to the Federal Government Contractor industry. We use an Open Application Platform approach that provides our customers with better, purpose-built solutions at less cost and risk.  And, it empowers our customers to enhance the solutions on their own.

Unlike most software vendors, R3 does not build proprietary, custom-coded business solutions.  We leverage an industry leading application platform that is open, flexible and allows R3, Partners, and You to add value by focusing on the solution to the business challenge.  This approach provides our customers with what they need, at less cost and risk, while enabling them to keep control over their ability to innovate and optimize how they work.

The Technology behind the R3 Open Application Platform

The core technologies supporting our Open Application Platform approach are:


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Microsoft SharePoint – the most widely adopted content & collaboration infrastructure in the world.  It is broadly used throughout the Federal Government Contractor industry.  We use this as our core infrastructure.   It provides the data, security and administration for all R3 solutions.  If you are already using SharePoint within your organization that you are able to leverage that investment to deliver a new level of value.

To learn more about our use of SharePoint see “Putting SharePoint to Work.”





HumanTouch CorasWorks – the special sauce of our solutions is that we leverage the HumanTouch CorasWorks application platform.  CorasWorks is the world’s leading low-code application platform on Microsoft SharePoint.  It was first launched in 2003 and has been upgraded and enhanced through the releases of SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and now 2016.  It is now in version 11 and has become an industry standard with more than 1,000 customers and 1 million business users.  It has a large presence in the Federal Government and Federal Government Contractors.  Leveraging this application platform enables R3 to focus on just the business solution, eliminating the need for custom code, and, empowering our customers to be able to easily customize, enhance and extend their solutions to meet their business needs.

To learn more, see “Leveraging the CorasWorks Application Platform.”