On Premise deployment

All R3 solutions run on top of and within a Microsoft SharePoint environment. We support three deployment options for R3 software. They are:

  • R3 Cloud (our SaaS offering)
  • Private Cloud (such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure)
  • On Premise (run it in your environment)

Some customers have an existing Microsoft SharePoint environment or they just want to deploy the R3 solutions on an environment fully within their control. We support these “On Premise” deployments.

If you already, have a SharePoint 2013 or 2016 environment in place on premise, we can install R3 software right on top of the environment. For R3 Solutions the best environment for deployment is one that meets the best practices of Microsoft for a SharePoint deployment. We do not require separate databases, servers, services or authentication.

For new environments, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with your IT personnel to deploy the infrastructure, deploy and configure platform software (Windows, SQL Server and SharePoint), and then, install and configure the R3 platform and solutions.