Have it Your Way

Flexibility built in.

Our off-the-shelf Solutions get you started quickly and cost-effectively. That is the just the beginning of R3's value. All R3 Solutions are built and run on the R3 Work Management Platform. Our platform gives you a great degree of flexibility. It provides a set of standards and 6 core capabilities that enable you to customize, enhance, extend and integrate our solutions to become part of a single, inter-connected work environment running on SharePoint.

You are no longer limited by the software you get out of the box. You are free to innovate, to change your mind, to find better ways of working that set you apart. You can work without the silos and streamline the work across your GovCon workplace. Now, it is cost effective and possible to have it your way.


Customize Solutions


Add Features


Connect Solutions

Connect SharePoint

Connect External Systems

Create Processes

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Customize Solutions

Each solution is open and unusually customizable. They come with built-in features that empower you to customize them. Each includes our standard Solution Design Canvas with Configuration Wizards that make it easy for non-technical people to make changes to just about all aspects of the solution.


Add New Features

R3 Solutions don’t have every feature you may want today and may need in the future. They don’t have to. With R3 Solutions, you can enhance your solutions by adding new features that we never thought of. You are not reliant of us for innovation. You are empowered to innovate on your own leveraging our easy-to-use Configuration Wizards and Advanced Configuration Tools.


Connect R3 Solutions

All R3 solutions run on a common Work Management platform that enables you to connect them up to work better together. Our solutions can share information and functionality. You can be in one solution and see, contribute and act on information in another solution. You can even snap-off user features from one solution and drop it into another solution to add visibility and convenience across your workplace. Each R3 Solution you add to your environment adds immediate value to the rest.


Connect with Existing SharePoint Resources

Our solutions are part of your SharePoint environment. They natively integrate with any of your existing SharePoint resources or applications as if it was all just one large fully integrated work environment. You can be in any R3 solution and work with information in SharePoint across your work environment, including across sites, site collections and web applications. You can also be in a native SharePoint site and access any information from an R3 solution. With R3 on SharePoint, you have a workplace without the walls.


Connect with External Systems

The R3 Work Management System comes with an Advanced Toolset that enables you to connect with just about any external resource or system. Information from these external systems can surface within your R3 Solutions. Or, after you get work done using an R3 solution it can update your external system. Either way, the silos just fade away.


Create Processes that Bring it All Together

R3 My Work processes connect people across all parts of your organization. They are the glue that binds people together to get work done. They excel with people-centric work – bringing the information from across your environment together to empower your people to get their work done. In effect, each process is like a mini-application that transcends individual solutions, sites, and features to help people to do the right thing at the right time in the right way. You have the freedom to design processes that get it right.

See R3 Solutions in Action

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  • your solutions of choice in action
  • how R3 solutions work together and eliminate silos
  • how easy it is to have it your way.