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R3 WinCenter Demo

Runtime: 7:30
Type: Demonstration
Product: WinCenter For Capture & Proposal Management

Contract Management for GovCon Overview

Runtime: 9:04
Type: Overview & Demonstration
Product: Contract Management for GovCon

R3 Program Management

Runtime: 6:29
Type: Demonstration
Product: Program Management

Task Order Factory

Runtime: 6:01
Type: Presentation - Overview
Product: Task Order Factory

WinCenter - Embedded GovCon BD Process

Runtime: 6:03
Type: Demonstration - Overview of GovCon BD Process Embedded in WinCenter
Product: WinCenter

Reuse Proposal Assets

Runtime: 1:59
Type: Demonstration
Product: WinCenter Capture & Proposal Management

Driving Task Order Proposal Response Work

Runtime: 5:30
Type: Feature Highlight Demo

My Work in Action

Runtime: 9:53
Type: Demonstration
Product: My Work Business Processes

My Work Contract Mgmt Record Views

Runtime: 2:39
Type: Feature Highlight
Product: My Work Business Processes

Bid & Proposal Budget Request Process

Runtime: 16:26
Type: Demonstration
Product: My Work Business Processes