R3 Business Solutions Announces Release v4.2 of Contract Management Software for GovCon

New Version Reduces Risk and Increases Productivity of Small to Mid-Sized Federal Government Contractors

November 5, 2021 (Ashburn, Virginia) – R3 Business Solutions (www.r3bsolutions.com), a leading provider of business-critical solutions to small and mid-sized Federal Government Contractors today announced the availability of R3 Contract Management version 4.2. This release extends the capabilities of the system to help small to mid-sized Federal Government Contractors (GovCon) reduce risks and increase organizational productivity. It is a practical, affordable, and secure way of working.

Increasingly, GovCon organizations are transitioning from the siloed way of working using spreadsheets, databases and document stores (O365 and file shares) and work done via email into centralized contract management systems like R3 Contract Management system. The enhanced capabilities of version 4.2 make our system even more powerful and easier to reduce risks and increase organizational productivity. This is especially important for small to mid-sized GovCon organizations that have resource constraints and need to leverage their workforce that is increasingly distributed.

Enhanced Centralized Contract Source

R3 CM v4.2 builds on our capabilities to provide GovCon with a centralized contract and subcontract source of information. A few of the key features of this release are:

Enhanced Clause Management

You now have a centralized Master library of FAR/DFAR/Supplemental Clauses supporting Flowdown categorization. You select relevant clauses for a contract from the Master Library. When creating a subcontract, the appropriate clauses with flowdown to the subcontract. We’ve added the ability to search across the system to find contracts with specific clauses.

Customizable Contract Briefs

We now offer Contract Briefs that bring contract information together into a single page that can be viewed, printed, or saved as PDF as a snapshot. There is a standard Contract Brief. And, customers can have different “flavors” of contract briefs such as DCAA style or specific Briefs based upon the type of contract or specific need.

Improving Organizational Productivity

Many of our customers start with R3 CM to benefit from the centralization of their information. However, they find that a major source of value is opening up their contract system beyond just the contract department to engage participants from across the organization.

In v4.2, supporting this organizational productivity was a major objective.

Contract Deliverable Management (CDRLs and Action Items)

Contract Deliverables including contract data requirement deliverables and performance deliverables are a major source of risk for GovCon. In v4.2 we have enhanced our contract deliverable management capabilities to support a 360-degree process including contracts, program managers and others.

You specify the contract deliverables for a contract. These can be contract data requirement deliverables (CDRLs), and now, can include performance deliverables. You can now “spawn” recurring Action Items for each deliverable. For instance, you can automatically create 36 monthly Monthly Reports for 3 years in one step. All of the Action Items are now persistent. Each Action Item is like a mini-virtual folder with a workflow, multiple documents, collaborative commenting, and activity history log.

You can track Action Items across all contracts to see those upcoming, those past due and completed. Users can see just their upcoming Action Items. And, you can get reports across the system for all deliverable actions items, such as all open Action Items and variance from due date.

Cross-Solution Integration

Features of R3 CM has now be “snapped” off and dropped into other R3 solutions.

  • For instance, you can snap off the My Work feature from R3 CM and put it into R3 WinCenter. From there, BD people are able to make requests such as data calls, NDAs, or Teaming Agreements of contract. They will see the requests and where they stand in My Contract Work within WinCenter. And, they can interact from right there.
  • Or, you can snap off My Contract Deliverables and put this feature into R3 Program Management. Contract personnel can create the contract CDRLs and Action Items. Then, the Program Managers can work on their Action Items within R3 Program Management.

Microsoft Teams Integration

With v4.2 we have extended the convenience of cross-organizational work to Microsoft Teams. You can now “snap” R3 CM features off and drop them into Microsoft Teams as tabs that are fully functional. This puts business information and work functionality right at users’ fingertips in Teams. People from across the organization can then do their contract related work from within Teams. BD can use My Work to initiate requests and track and engage in the process. Execs can access reports and contract information within Teams. PMs can do their work. People can now have real-time information in a self-service mode right from within Teams.

Tiered Based Pricing

Like other Contract Management System vendors, we provide user-based pricing which is effective for small groups of users, such as just those in the contracts department. Unlike other vendors however, we also offer “Tiered Based” pricing that makes it affordable and cost effective to scale your usage to engage people from across the organization in contract work. Our Tier-Based pricing provides you with a fixed price for the solution based upon the size of your organizations. We then charge a low per user price that enables individual users to use all of the R3 solutions that you have. This pricing approach is very attractive to small businesses that seek organizational productivity while reducing costs of expanding usage.


About R3 Business Solutions

R3 Business Solutions is a leading provider of business-critical solutions to small and mid-sized Federal Government Contractors (GovCon). We provide solutions that help GovCon organizations win Federal Government Contracts, manage the contracts, and manage contract delivery. Our solutions run in a secure environment enabling you to engage users from across the organization and also external partners, subcontractors, and customers in collaborative, structured work. We provide our solutions via three cloud options up to our R3 GovCloud running on AWS GovCloud and supporting standards, such as NIST 800-53 and 800-171, FedRamp, CMMC v2 with single-sign on, multi-factor authentication, and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

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