WinCenter Features

Check out the two groups of highlighted features:

  • WinCenter Solution Features that drive your opportunity, capture and proposal work to help you win Federal business.
  • R3 Platform Features that power WinCenter and the other solutions of the R3 GovCon Suite.

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WinCenter Solution Features

Embedded GovCon Standards

WinCenter is designed to support GovCon standards and best practices. It guides, drives and tracks work by Phases and Activities following Shipley-APMP standards. It integrates capture and proposal work into one opportunity lifecycle. It drives work through standard Gate Reviews and Color reviews with their own collaborative spaces.

Pipeline Management

Real time visibility of pipeline from Opportunity Identification through Award. Reports to slice and dice pipeline and export to Excel, Word or PDF. Work the pipeline as a portfolio with specialized displays – GANTT-style, Master Calendar, Fiscal Forecast Spreads, KPI-based Pursuit Progress, Resource Allocation and Activity Completion.

Opportunity Record View

Opportunity Record View keeps everyone on the same page. It brings all of the opportunity data and documents together across BD, Capture and Proposal work. It has Phase-Activity checklists to guide and drive work. It includes workflows, user actions, and collaborative commenting. And, it uses role-based permissions to control what people can see and do.

Secure Document Management

Strong security leveraging core Microsoft SharePoint backend. Yet, easier to manage than SharePoint so less chance for mistakes. Pre-sets for opportunity teams, one click to restrict document access by role, separate user experience for SME’s and teaming partners, and, role-based permission control over what users can do.

Simplified Work with Documents

Makes work simpler and easier for the user with drag and drop of documents, email attachments, and emails, bulk update actions, assignment workflow, My Work bringing all assigned documents to one page, co-authoring, Instant Updates, collaborative commenting, configurable user automation actions, full text Boolean search, and Simple Archive.

Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics

Get real-time visibility across opportunities. Dashboards for cross-pipeline visibility, fiscal financial forecasts and portfolio metrics. Drilldowns into detailed, interactive reports with analytics. Business user configurable graphical and tabular reports. Specialized work displays such as GANTT-style, Master Calendar, PWin Fiscal Spreads, KPI Pursuit Assessments, and Activity Completion.

Role-Based Actions and Workflow

WinCenter has a fully configurable Action framework. Users get work done using Actions. They are role-based to control who can do what. They drive forms, automate tasks, do notifications and power workflows. They drive process workflows such as moving Opportunities through Phases. They drive Writer and Reviewer assignments and Action Item assignments.

Knowledge Management

360 degree system for knowledge asset reuse. Central repository of assets such as past proposals, forms and templates, boilerplate plans, resumes, standardized capture activities and snippets. One click availability to users from within Opportunity Workspace to search, read and fetch into working opportunity. Keyword search and full text Boolean search.

Teaming Partner Collaboration

Leverage teaming partners with controlled collaboration. Master data for Partners and Contacts. Specialized UI for teaming partners to control what they can see and do. No need to set special permissions or move documents around. Engage partners on EOI requests, data calls, writing and review assignments, and ad hoc collaboration.

Meetings, Gate and Color Reviews

Schedule, prepare and conduct internal meetings with pre-set spaces to conduct Internal Meetings, Gate Reviews and Color Reviews. Tag documents to events. Manage Agenda and Minutes. Capture collaborative comments. Automatically added to cross-opportunity Master Calendar with customer dates (e.g., RFP Release, Due Date) and all internal events.

R3 Platform Features

Native Office 365 Integration

WinCenter runs on top of Microsoft SharePoint. It leverages the native integration with Office 365 including outbound email, Office Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Co-Authoring support, Outlook Drag & Drop and Calendar Overlays, single-sign on with Azure, and, supports customer-managed Office 365 Power Automate (MS Flow)/Teams/Power BI integrations.

GovCon Security Compliance of R3 Cloud

R3 is available in the R3 Cloud or on premise. We have 3 levels of Cloud offering. They differ in the level of Security Compliance for the Federal Government. We support FedRAMP Moderate to High, multi-factor authentication, single-sign on, NIST 800-171 compliance, FIPS 140-2 encryption at rest, ITAR certified data centers and operations (all on AWS) and DoD SRG Levels 2 and 3 or 4 and 5.

Built In Flexibility

Built in configuration wizards to make it easy to make changes. Change fields of data, choices, and roles across system. Design Canvas to create or change navigation, tab and button access, forms, displays, user actions, notifications. Turn features on and off with a Lightbulb. Even add your own new features, workflows and processes.

API and Advanced Integrations

All data and documents of WinCenter are stored in a secure SharePoint backend. It has a server side, REST-style API for access to WinCenter data in SharePoint. Supports integration with external data and applications via Web Services, REST, HTML, ADO.Net. Flexible UI allows you to mash-up information from external sources such as from CostPoint or Salesforce.

Part of the R3 GovCon Suite

WinCenter is part of the R3 GovCon Suite that also includes Contract Management and Program Management. It works seamlessly with other modules. During pursuit you can interact with Contracts for Subcontractor information and NDAs and Teaming Agreements. After Award you can push into contracts. You can see and act on information across modules, with role-based control.

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