Instant DCAA Contract Brief Now Available

I was doing a routine Health Check recently with a customer that is using the R3 Contract Management system. They do a lot of cost-based contracts that requires them to engage with DCAA and submit reports. I found out that we had created a customized DCAA-oriented Contract Brief for them. This simple report was their favorite feature of the product and they claimed that it was the most productivity adding feature.

Previously, we published an article about our the standard R3 Contract Brief in the solution. Our out-of-the-box Contract Brief brings all of the key contract information from our system onto one page that can be read, printed and allows drilldowns. It makes it very easy for people to be on the same page about a contract. It is one source of the truth. It also enables people outside of the contract department to see information about a contract without needing to get into the actual contract management solution.

Now, the DCAA-oriented Contract Brief is a customized “flavor” of this report. With R3, reports like this Contract Brief can be easily customized and dropped into a system. So, we took the specs of the customer and built the DCAA-oriented version. BTW, we did this at no charge to the customer because this feature is applicable to a big part of our GovCon market.

The report brings together all of the information from across the system into a single report to be read or printed or printed as a PDF to send to the customer. It is now available as an R3 Enhancement (no charge) to any other R3 Contract Management customers. Contact us at for more information.

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